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HollrIt. A simple notification messaging app.
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HollrIt makes it easy to get notified about what matters most to you.
(New! Send Hollrs without a device!
Use the HollrIt API to notify from any device to any device!)

Send notification by adding tags to your "Tags I Own" list in HollrIt. Then share them. Use email, Twitter, text, words, however you choose to get the tag name to whomever you want to notify. You can then immediately notify anyone who follows your tag.


Get notifications by adding tags to your "Tags I Follow" list in HollrIt. Don't know any tags to follow? Ask your groups to create one!

Send and receive!

Tag notifications are one way (no responding to the message). But anyone with HollrIt can both send and receive notifications by creating tags and subscribing to other's tags.

Why use HollrIt?
Notification Messaging

HollrIt makes it easy to keep informed of the things that matter most to you by combining notifications with short messages. Although HollrIt messages can technically be any length, most of us just skim the shortened message that pops up with the notification. HollrIt shows you that message right along with the notification so you can just skim it, absorb the message and move on.

Easy To Use

HollrIt is ridiculously simple to use. Senders create a tag (a word) then tell people about it. Those people subscribe to the tag and get notifications whenever the sender posts a message to that tag.

Any Device, No Phones Required!

Send/Receive messages across iOS and Android devices, any device. HollrIt uses the device itself for messaging, so no texting takes place and no phone numbers needed. HollrIt runs in the background on your device once installed, so you never need to check for messages, they pop up instantly when the sender clicks Send.

It's Free

There is no cost to install or use HollrIt, no hidden fees or in-app purchases.

Frequently asked questions
Makers send notifications Makers receive notifications

HollrIt is simple to use, but here are some questions you may have...

HollrIt is not meant to replace other apps. It is simply a way for you to be notified of what matters most to you. HollrIt notification messages popup immediately as soon as they are sent. YOU choose what to be notified about.
HollrIt does not use text/SMS, no phone# is needed. HollrIt uses the device itself for notification messages.
Tag owners need to tell you the name of their tags, then you can subscribe to them and get their notificatoin messages. If you wish to be notified about important things, tell that person or group to create a tag for you to follow!
Anyone who knows your tag name can subscribe to it. They will get your notification messages. If you want to keep notification messages secret or private, create a tag name that nobody can guess, similar to a password. Share your tag with others by telling them the tag name, post it to Twitter, send it in Email, or use the Social Sharing popup that appears when you create your tag.
There is no way to change your password yet. The Forgot Password feature will be ready soon.

Once logged into HollrIt on your device you are logged in pretty much forever. If you change devices and need to login but forgot your password, just Signup again with a different username. Contact us at hollrapp@gmail.com if you have questions.
Yes!!! Use the HollrIt API to send notifications from any device to any device. Check out the HollrIt GitHub repos for API documentation and samples.
Who can use HollrIt?
Anyone or any group can use HollrIt. Here are just a few...
Friends and family

Friends and family can post notification messages to each other letting them know what's new in their lives. Instant popup notification assures the sender that their messages will be seen. HollrIt doesn't allow direct replies, so no endless chains of group message conversations.

School and Universites

Professors can notify students about office hours. Public safety can notify students about potential dangers in the area. Coaches can notify the team and parents about uncoming practice times.


Businesses can share a tag with customers who want to sign up for good deals anonymously. Individuals can message each other secretly with no trace of texting or email.

Simple notification messaging
What are people saying about HolrIt?
Lauren P.

"A great app for messaging my friends, and no endless chain of group replies."

Jen R.

"I organize mom's night outs with my girlfriends. HollrIt is great for that because I was using Facebook calendar, and some of my girlfriends don't use Facebook any more. Now I can just send a Hollr and they won't forget girl's night out!"

Paul W.

"Useful tool to stay in "the know". Great app to receive important notifications from all my groups! Perfect to stay informed. Very easy to use."

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